Collaboration with Artema


“It is said that around 1100, the period of Arab rule in Sicily, the Kalsa, the old quarter of the city of Palermo, there lived a beautiful maiden from rosy skin, similar to peach flowers at the peak of flowering, and quite a few eyes that seemed to reflect the beautiful Gulf of Palermo. She lived almost in seclusion and spent her days devoted to the care of the plants that adorned her balcony. One day, passing through the Kalsa, a young Moor saw the beautiful girl intent on keeping plants, and immediately fell in love. He decided to want it all for himself, and promptly went into the girl’s house to declare his love. The girl was so impressed by that bold sentiment, who immediately returned the love of the young dark-haired, but when he learned that this would soon be leaving to return to his estates in the East, where the waiting wife and children, took advantage of the night and he killed him as he lay asleep. The girl cut off his head, and with this we made a pot where you planted the fragrant basil. Finally he puts on display outside in the balcony, so that man should remain always with her (…) ”

The black heads (Teste di Moro) became icons of Sicilian handcrafts, reproduced in the form of vases or candle holders, in the female and male variants, characterized by rich traits and shining colors.

In my bathroom furniture Moro they have refined, becoming elegant decorations in our sink, precious luminous crowns to ‘wear’ while we look in our mirror or admire in a macro version on the tiles that finish the wall, always going to fulfill also the useful function to determine what side are for him, and for her.