Collaboration with Artema

Strong, independent, prickly pear has found in Sicily its most breeding ground.

Present in any corner of the earth illuminated by the hot sicilian sun, is now part of the landscape, the culture and cuisine of the island, and its inhabitants have now got used to its thorns and the goodness of its fruit.

The prickly pear “Pala” (sicilian word for the prickly pear leaves) now pass from the terraces and the gardens of the houses in their living rooms and their rooms, transformed into decorative and functional element that still retains the unmistakable flavor of Sicily.

Solid wood shelves, which are combined with a pair of integrated and repositionable hangers, the Pale, made of acrylic stone and customized with the geometries and colors typical of sicilian handicrafts thanks to a sublimation process.

For lovers of these spiny plants .. but not only!