Collaboration with Artema


Elements characterized by a linear design and a minimalist finishing which integrate themselves into the living zone, acting like they were interior complements, but secretly conceal dispositions and a lot of functions.
Just disclose what has been hidden: efficient working area, hidden appliance, compartments which can include dishes and kitchen stuff, sliding counters and foldable sittings.
Vivid colors of the typical Sicilian ceramics are blended to acrylic stone, being part of it and showing itself as main character of the design just shown; the most modern household electrical appliances are leading edge for food preparation.
The kitchen becomes a dynamic space to live easily o to keep hidden, depending on daily routine, leaving behind usual frames and limits.
In Aretusa, Sicilian traditions of good cousin and ancient artisan arts are blended to original design and modern high tech, in an ever-expanding change that shows the way in which we live our house.