Collaboration with Artema


Salina is a small, lush island located north of Sicily that contain many faces and precious wealth.

In a society ever more attentive to the impact our lives have on the environment and, at the same time, where urbanization is more and more intense, small apartments are the most homes in which we live and we have the need to exploit in the best way.

The Salina furniture was created to meet these needs: with its clean lines and compact volumes enters our studios, carrying within it a lot more than you can see at first glance.

Result of a careful balance between invention and creativity, allows us to find in a single room, a complete and multi-purpose room consisting of kitchen, living room, sitting area and sleeping area.

Placed at the center of the room, or along one of its walls, the multifunctional furniture has drawers and compartments in which to lay our own items, a sofa on which to relax or to receive guests, removable tops and last generation built-in appliances for prepare tasty recipes, telescopic tables on which to set up animated dinners with friends, enjoy also by the integrated bluetooth speakers which listen our favorite music, and finally, when the evening come, a comfortable pull-out bed that remained there for the whole day, waiting inside structure.

Salina is able to meet the needs of everyday life because it adapts and changes itself as needed, always preserving its sophisticated and contemporary look.