Collaboration with Artema


Salina is a small volcanic island located north of Sicily, in the real south of Italy. Luxuriant and wild, it has many souls, ancient history and precious treasures to discover.


Our society hangs in the balance betwen two situations: on the one hand, we are increasingly careful to the impact of our actions on the environment, on the other hand, the urbanization is becoming more intense due to the population constant growth.

Considering this context, mooving towards small housing solution can be a ‘forced’ choise and also a true choice of life, even when larger spaces would be available.

To furnishing a small space in a functional way, also obtaining an aesthetic good result, isn’t always easy. Salina was created to meet this issue!

Result of a careful balance between invention and creativity, thanks to its clean lines and compact volumes, it fits into our studio flat bringing in it much more than we can see at first glance.

Placed freestanding, or leaned on a wall, Salina turned a single room into a complete space with kitchen, living room, storage section and sleeping area.

It supports us at any time of day thanks to its components: a double sofa, a telescopic table, multiple compartments and drawers, a kitchen equipped with a sliding worktop, a bluetooth audio system, and finally a comfortable pull-out bed.

Salina is able to meet the needs of daily living within a small space because it adapts and changes itself when needed, while maintaining its modern and refined look.